Okai Musik – Djembe/Vocals

Okai_BioHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Okai is a self-taught percussionist who discovered drumming at the age of five with two kitchen knives and a bucket. Exposed to a variety of rhythms through his Haitian descent as well as the hip-hop and pop he heard playing on the radio, Okai picked up the drum set, then became the office conga player for the Canarsie high school band. After high school he picked up the djembe and began MCing. As a a hand percussionist, he is passionate about exploring the root of drum music in the cultures of African Diaspora communities and developing his my own style of accents, fills, and drum patterns, building on his innate musicality to develop his career as a professional musician and educator. Visit his website at okaimusik.com and follow him @okaimusik.