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Live @ Spike Hill 4/5/14

Live @ Spike Hill, Brooklyn, 4/5/14 With their last performance at Spike Hill, The Fuego X-Tet kicks off the night with an original arrangement of the Beatles’ classic “Eleanor Rigby” Freddy ‘Fuego’ Gonzalez – trombone Julian Litwack – guitar Greg Schettino – guitar Enrique Mancia – bass Matt Graff – drums Live @ Spike Hill […]

Live @ The New School for Jazz 11/12/13

Live @ The New School for Jazz, NYC, 11/12/13 Freddy completes his studies @ The New School for Jazz by performing his Senior Recital. The second song of the night, the reggae original “Keep the Faith” features James Francies on piano and Freddy Fuego on trombone Freddy ‘Fuego’ Gonzalez – trombone James Francies – piano […]

Live @ Spike Hill 9/7/13

Live @ Spike Hill, Brooklyn, 9/7/13 The last song of the night, the Freddy Fuego Sextet plays a reggae/classical mix called “The Renaissance”, featuring special guest Mark Zaleski on alto saxophone and Freddy Fuego on trombone Freddy ‘Fuego’ Gonzalez – trombone Curtis Stewart – violin Mark Zaleski – alto sax Julian Litwack – guitar Luis […]

Live @ Silvana 8/22/13

Live @ Silvana, NYC, 8/22/13 This performance is dedicated to the memory of Laurence Smith – It’s always hard when a close friend or family member leaves before you are ready to say goodbye. Even though he will be missed, trust that he is in a better place. Although we may not always understand why […]

Live @ The Shrine 7/12/13

The Fuego 7tet, Live @ Shrine Bar in Harlem, 7/12/13 The Fuego Septet performs an original hip-hop tune, “Moment of Truth”, featuring Okai Musik on djembe/vocals and Freddy ‘Fuego’ Gonzalez on trombone Freddy ‘Fuego’ Gonzalez – trombone Francesco Fratini – trumpet Mark Cocheo – guitar Jon Thomas – piano Ian Baggette – bass Daniel Dor […]

Live @ Spike Hill 8/24/2012

The Fuego Sextet, LIVE @ Spike Hill in Brooklyn, 8/24/2012 Freddy Fuego – trombone Mike Brooks – sax Mark Cocheo – guitar Jon Thomas – piano Sam Wagner – bass Daniel Dor – drums Live @ Spike Hill 8/24/2012 by Freddy Fuego

Live @ Spike Hill 3/17/12

Live @ Spike Hill, Brooklyn, 3/17/12 The Fuego Sextet rocks out on St. Patty’s Day, playing their version of Ray Barretto’s “Together”, featuring Freddy ‘Fuego’ Gonzalez on trombone Freddy Fuego – trombone Jon Thomas – keys Greg Garner – guitar Coleman Nakano – bass Compton Robinson – drums Live @ Spike Hill 3/17/12 by Freddy […]

Live @ The Shrine 6/17/11

Live @ The Shrine, NYC, 6/17/11 The Fuego Sextet rocks their summer show with on another original composition, “The Jungle”, featuring Freddy Fuego on flute, Jon Bean on sax, and Mark Cocheo on guitar Freddy Fuego – flute Jon Bean – sax Kareem Thompson – steel drums Mark Cocheo – guitar Luis Guzman – bass […]

Live @ Bowery Poetry Club 2/4/11

Live @ The Bowery Poetry Club, 2/4/11, NYC Closing out the night with the original “Still Standing”, The X-Tet also blends it with an impromptu band favorite, Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” Freddy ‘Fuego’ Gonzalez – trombone/flute Melissa Aldana – tenor saxophone Rob Keith – guitar Justin Williams – bass Compton Robinson – drums Rick Gonzalez – […]